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Muhami Law and Consulting, established in Şişli, Istanbul; is an international law and legal consultancy office that provides legal consultancy and provides solutions in all areas of legal disputes, especially real estate law, citizenship and corporate law, commercial law and tax law. Muhami Law & Consulting, with its academic and professional experience, shows utmost determination and care in resolving legal disputes. Our office, which has a dynamic structure with its expert professional knowledge, provides legal consultancy services to prevent possible legal disputes that may arise in the future, as well as providing solutions to current legal disputes. In addition, it provides consultancy and advocacy services for foreigners who aim to invest and acquire Turkish citizenship either by buying real estate or establishing a company in Turkey. Muhami Law and Consulting aims to specialize in various branches of law and to offer fast and effective solutions that protect the interests of its clients at the highest level in solving the complex legal problems encountered. Accordingly, our office closely follows the legal, economic and financial developments in national and international fields.


General Business Use

Labor Law and Legislation

As an employer representative; providing attorney and consultancy services on the preparation of employment contracts and workplace regulations, transfer of workplace, change of employer, organizational changes and termination of employment. As a worker representative; providing attorney and consultancy services on cases related to termination of employment contract, collection of unpaid labor receivables, reinstatement and occupational accidents and providing a protection of workers rights who experiencing mobbing, work permits of foreigners who are going to be employed in Turkey, making extensions for work permit application, making residence permit applications of the foreign workers wife and children who obtain a work permit in Turkey, following-up and finalization of related cases.

Law of Domestic Relations

Preparation of marital property contracts to be applied to spouses before marriage and providing consultancy and attorney services on the cases to be filed for compensation of pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages caused by breaching of promise, uncontested and contested divorce, in the divorce cases, alimony, custody, pecuniary and non-pecuniary compensation and division of matrimonial property, establishing descent of the child born out of wedlock, adoption procedures, related matters with custody, guardianship and legal consultancy and recognition and enforcement of divorce decisions of foreign courts, legal counseling services on family housing annotation issues and other family law matters.

Real Property and Urban Transformation Law

Providing consultancy services to both Turkish and foreign real and legal persons on real estate purchase, sale and lease process, preparation of purchase and sale contracts, preparation of lease agreements, providing consultancy services on making objections regarding to zoning plans, conducting zoning status reviews and following up the related cases. Providing consultancy services on construction and building use permit applications. Realization of all kinds of transactions before the Land Registry Directorates, including the type change in the title deed, allotment, unification, division. Following up the cases related to elimination of joint ownership. Preparation of construction contracts and work contracts in return for flat, following all the legal processes required for the implementation of Law No. 6306 on urban transformation, preparing site and apartment management plans, providing consultancy and following up the lawsuits within the scope of disputes arising from floor ownership, preparing of pledge and mortgage agreements, prohibition of the intervention and the legal cases, action of trespass and adequate pay cases, trustee annotation cases, following up of deed cancellation, correction in deed registration and name correction cases, rent declaratory and adaptation lawsuits and following up and giving consultancy services for establishment of property on 2-B areas which is degraded forest land.

Intellectual Property Law

Providing consultancy services of intellectual property rights such as trademark, industrial design, patent and copyright infringement and following up related cases. Realization of search and seizure procedures, research on the registration of trademarks, industrial designs and patents, follow up nullity and annulment cases, preparation of assignment and license agreements regarding intellectual property rights, and unfair competition lawsuits related to unregistered designs and rights.

Mass Media and Internet Law

Preparing confidentiality, user and membership agreements also data protection agreements for e-commerce and social media companies. Preparing distant sales contracts and information forms, providing consultancy and advocacy services on the following up of the lawsuits to be filed for the attacks on personal rights on the internet and removing of the content from the internet and the blocking of access.

Constitutional and Human Rights Law

Making individual applications to the Constitutional Court in cases where fundamental rights and freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution are violated by using public power within the scope of the European Convention on Human Rights, making individual applications to the European Court of Human Rights in case individual applications are rejected for various reasons, following up related applications, in case there is a violation of the Constitution in the law articles to be applied in the lawsuits filed with the execution of the decisions, the concrete norm audit procedure is carried out and providing services for annulment of the aforementioned article.

Commercial Law

Providing consultancy services for setting up companies for both Turkish nationals and foreigners, preparation and making revisions for company contracts, making cancellations for resolution of general assembly, following up the lawsuit filed over bills of exchange such as policies, assignment of share, checks and bills, preparation of contracts such as current account, lease, purchase-sale, loan, following up execution proceedings related to these contracts.

Execution and Bankruptcy Law

Besides legal consultancy services regarding bankruptcy claims and concordat processes and filing lawsuits related to the aforementioned issues and following up the related cases, regarding the money receivables initiated before the Enforcement Offices; prosecution of enforcement proceedings with and without judgment, peculiar to bills of exchange, conversion of mortgage into money, conversion of pledge into cash and initiating prosecutions on eviction request, cancellation of the objection to be filed regarding the relevant cases, following up negative clearance and enforcement court complaint cases.

Administrative and Tax Law

Filling full remedy action or annulment for legal action against all kinds of administrative action and making all kinds of administrative applications and objections, following up of the lawsuist arising from tax principals and tax penalty and providing consultancy services regarding tax and misdemeanor law.

Law of Foreigners

Providing consultancy services to Turkish companies with foreign capital also foreigners who want to buy or sell real estate, preparation of real estate purchase and sale contracts for natural and legal foreigners and managing the relevant process, preparation of the contract for leasing real estates in Turkey and following up the rental process for foreign natural and legal entity, making the operations and extensions for the work permit of foreigners and monitoring of the process, starting and monitoring the process of residence permit in Turkey, carrying out the procedures for getting Turkish citizenship of foreigners and giving consultancy services for this matter, provide consultancy services for real foreign entity regarding to marriage, divorce, custody and inheritance law and following up the cases in these fields in Turkey. Recognition and enforcement of the divorce decisions by foreign courts, recognition and approval of foreign court decisions, providing advisory services for foreign organisitions and companies who wants to open a business in Turkey, representation services in other related cases and enforcement proceedings of foreigners in Turkey.

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