Ferhat Küçük, L.L.M.




Ferhat Küçük is one of the founding partners of Muhami Law and Consulting. He graduated from İstanbul University Faculty of Law in 2014. He completed his master's degree in Istanbul Şehir University, Institute of Social Sciences, Department of Public Law with his master's thesis titled The Problem of Democratic Legitimacy of the Constitutional Judiciary. He is currently continuing his doctoral studies at Marmara University Institute of Social Sciences, Department of Public Law. Between 2017-2019, he worked voluntarily at the Ministry of Culture and Tourism as Professor Halûk Dursun's assistant and consultant. He also founded the Anatolian History and Culture Union with Professor Dursun. In 2015, his short story titled “The Story of Three Cities” was awarded the first prize by the United Nations. Ferhat Küçük has written various articles on the theory and practice of legal disputes. Most of these articles have been published in well-known international journals and newspapers. Although his area of expertise is constitutional law, he also provides advocacy and consultancy services in the fields of labor law, citizenship law, criminal law and family law. He knows English very well.

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